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If someone is gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, or straight its their choose not yours. I was bullied for years because I have two learning disorders so I know how it feels and when I see someone picking on someone because they are different I speak up.  I don't get why you pick on people for something that they chose and are happy with or something that no one could really prevent. I'm the kind of person that gets to a level of anger where I warn you to not piss me off, then threaten to hurt, then I will grab you to scare you, and if it goes past that you better hope I don't break every bone in your body or someone can get me off of you cause I'm a fighter. I remember in 8th grade I sat next to a kid that had aspergers and the two kids in front kept picking on him and the first time I let it go but then the girl said that he was a freak because of how he acts. She refused to give him the paper that was being handed out. This made me pissed because I know the feeling and plus its not his fault that he has this disorder. I stood up and walked over to her and told her to give him the paper, she laughed making me even more pissed off. Other kids joined in laughing at me for standing up for the kid. He sat there quiet and didn't speak. I told her "You should give him the paper and shut the f@*& up cause I know your not perfect and I know I'm not either so I don't think you have any room to say that to him or to anyone who is different than you! All of you who laughed at me when I stood up for him, you're not perfect cause no one truly is! So hand over the paper and if you do not I will drag you ass down to the principles office myself!" Everyone (even my teacher who really disliked me cause I thought he was an ass plus he told me that I should have been born a boy instead of a girl) had a scared look on their faces. The teacher finally spoke and told the girl to give him the paper. She did, knowing I would drag her if she didn't, and said she was sorry to him and then to me off laughing. I sat down and the boy next to me handed me a note that told me to stay after class. I stayed and when everyone was gone he thanked me and said that I was the first person to stick up for him that wasn't someone related to him. I told him that he can trust me and that he ever needs help with anyone picking on him that he can get me and I will help (plus my mother worked there and if she was pissed something would get changed) There is also the boy who was murdered for being gay! When i heard about that it pissed me off. He chose that life so you don't have a say if he should have been or not. People can chose who they wish to be with and who they don't! I am against bullying all the way! Stop bullying, we should be a "No Place for Hate"!


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