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Soul Eater Cosplay fem! Soul Eater by bolkaleo Soul Eater Cosplay fem! Soul Eater :iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 0 0 Soul Eater Cosplay fem! Soul Scythe fingers by bolkaleo Soul Eater Cosplay fem! Soul Scythe fingers :iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 0 0
Soul Eater Future
Episode 1
October 17 2015 The DWMA has a reunion of the class of 2005. This if one of the
first times since high school ended that Soul&Maka, BlackStar&Tsubaki, and Kid&Liz have seen each others.This is
where our story begins with the meeting of two bestfriends.
“Kieko this is Shi, I want you to be nice and have fun sweetie.” Soul kisses
the top of his daughters , white hair, head. He then turns to Maka, his beautiful wife and she smiles as he reaches for her hand. They then blow her a kiss and walk to join their friends at the reunion.
“Shi, I want you to know something before you socialize.” Kid told Shi, “Your jacket  is not symmetrical.” Kid fixed Shi’s jacket before she could freak out. “Now go socialize.” As Kid turned around Shi couldn’t help
but notice that the curtains of the room were uneven on one side but not the other. Shi starts to run to fix them when someone grabs her shirt, spinning around to
:iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 0 0
Soul Eater OC by bolkaleo Soul Eater OC :iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 0 2
The choir room was loud and chaotic as the girls and boys tried to get ready for their choir concert and competition after. Nadia and Felicity were in the back corner of the room try to finish their hair and makeup.
“Felicity, who do you think might pick us tonight to sing with?” Nadia asked turning to her best friend and speaking in a swooning tone. Felicity just smiled at her best friend, who was in her own little universe. “Oh I hope someone handsome picks me!”
“I just hope that maybe I won’t get picked and if I do, it better be someone that I’m friends with!” Felicity says while taking out one of her many curlers that were needed to make her hair look how Professor Chagall wanted it to look. “Why do we have to have our hair curled? My hair doesn’t curl!” She threw the curler on the floor and it crashed with a loud boom causing everyone to jump. Everyone stared at her, quietly and whispered to the person next to them.
:iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 0 0
Bolka N. Leo by bolkaleo Bolka N. Leo :iconbolkaleo:bolkaleo 1 0


Mature content
Battle for Dominance... :iconmiddarkfairy:Middarkfairy 24 17
Mature content
Your Intoxicating Smell :iconxxxpenny:xxxPenny 56 27
Marball 04 by Chami-ryokuroi
Mature content
Marball 04 :iconchami-ryokuroi:Chami-ryokuroi 283 42
The Color Pink Pt. 18
The Color Pink Pt. 18
“Oh Maple it looks wonderful!” Gumball proudly announced.
Maple had just came back to the castle with Gumballs new suit for his ball. The jacket was pink, with tiny white pinstripes. In the back it had the classic tail, hanging down to his back. He had a light lavender bow tie, and a grey vest to wear underneath with a white collared shirt. It was absolutely stunning.
“Oh, don’t flatter me so.” Maple smiled as she fixed her hair.
“It was my pleasure.”
Marshall floated over to his prince and rested his arm around his shoulders.
“It does look nice Bubba.” He said.
“I’m glad you went for something different this time.”
Maple stared at Marshall for a second before coming up with an idea.
“Marshall Lee!” She exclaimed, a little too excitedly.
He looked up at her casually.
She looked up at him and smoothed her skirt.
“What are you going to wear to the ball
:iconmarshalllees:MarshallLees 33 19
Taking Care of Business [Marball] by fairygodpiggy
Mature content
Taking Care of Business [Marball] :iconfairygodpiggy:fairygodpiggy 140 47
Marball Lovin' by fairygodpiggy
Mature content
Marball Lovin' :iconfairygodpiggy:fairygodpiggy 194 50
Pg53 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg53 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,590 718
Mature content
The Color Pink :iconmarshalllees:MarshallLees 136 133
Couples Only Movie Night
Disclaimer: This story contains two men in a relationship. If you DON'T like it, DON't read it. Thank you for reading, and please enjoy!
Sunlight poured into the Prince's laboratory, sending rainbows on the wall from multicolored vials. The beauty was lost on the slouched form, deep
in thought with his current project. His pink eyebrows furrowed as he tried to recalculate something crawled on a messy scroll. Frustrated, he let
out a sigh and dipped his head back, purple eyes searching for an unseen answer in the ceiling.
"Hey dude, you in here?", came an echoing voice from the hallway.
"Oh, hello Fionna! I wasn't expecting you today."
"Jeesh Gumball, can't I just wanna hang?" Fionna joked, coming to take a set opposite of his on the worktable.
Prince Gumball fidgeted, obviously missing her tone." Certainly, you're always welcomed here."
The blonde's eyebrows raised as she eyed him. "Relax,man, I was just trying to joke. Are you busy or somethin'?"
He let out a deep sig
:iconxerbius:Xerbius 85 28
Pg49 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg49 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,931 621 Pg42 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg42 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,000 882 Naked in the Room by Blatterbury
Mature content
Naked in the Room :iconblatterbury:Blatterbury 929 65
Frozen Feet by samanthadoodles Frozen Feet :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 3,677 559 The Morning After - KristAnna by NightLiight The Morning After - KristAnna :iconnightliight:NightLiight 7,703 459 Heroes - Kristoff Bjorgman by davidkawena Heroes - Kristoff Bjorgman :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 2,935 326 ModernFrozen AU - Kristoff - Sketch by NightLiight ModernFrozen AU - Kristoff - Sketch :iconnightliight:NightLiight 4,167 105


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If someone is gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, or straight its their choose not yours. I was bullied for years because I have two learning disorders so I know how it feels and when I see someone picking on someone because they are different I speak up.  I don't get why you pick on people for something that they chose and are happy with or something that no one could really prevent. I'm the kind of person that gets to a level of anger where I warn you to not piss me off, then threaten to hurt, then I will grab you to scare you, and if it goes past that you better hope I don't break every bone in your body or someone can get me off of you cause I'm a fighter. I remember in 8th grade I sat next to a kid that had aspergers and the two kids in front kept picking on him and the first time I let it go but then the girl said that he was a freak because of how he acts. She refused to give him the paper that was being handed out. This made me pissed because I know the feeling and plus its not his fault that he has this disorder. I stood up and walked over to her and told her to give him the paper, she laughed making me even more pissed off. Other kids joined in laughing at me for standing up for the kid. He sat there quiet and didn't speak. I told her "You should give him the paper and shut the f@*& up cause I know your not perfect and I know I'm not either so I don't think you have any room to say that to him or to anyone who is different than you! All of you who laughed at me when I stood up for him, you're not perfect cause no one truly is! So hand over the paper and if you do not I will drag you ass down to the principles office myself!" Everyone (even my teacher who really disliked me cause I thought he was an ass plus he told me that I should have been born a boy instead of a girl) had a scared look on their faces. The teacher finally spoke and told the girl to give him the paper. She did, knowing I would drag her if she didn't, and said she was sorry to him and then to me off laughing. I sat down and the boy next to me handed me a note that told me to stay after class. I stayed and when everyone was gone he thanked me and said that I was the first person to stick up for him that wasn't someone related to him. I told him that he can trust me and that he ever needs help with anyone picking on him that he can get me and I will help (plus my mother worked there and if she was pissed something would get changed) There is also the boy who was murdered for being gay! When i heard about that it pissed me off. He chose that life so you don't have a say if he should have been or not. People can chose who they wish to be with and who they don't! I am against bullying all the way! Stop bullying, we should be a "No Place for Hate"!


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